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Variable Data Printing

Create a one-to-one dialogue with customers through the sophisticated use of variable data, addresses, images, and text elements. ocdm technology and expertise make it happen.

What is Variable Data Printing?

VDP is a type of digital printing which allows you to change elements such as text, images, and graphics on each printed piece using information from a database.

When it comes to Variable Data Printing, success is all about choice. You need to be able to choose the right printer for the particular job and the right data for the specific market. It’s the only path to getting quality and results at a price you can afford.

Why is the data so important?

Printed pieces incorporate variable data and addresses as well as unique variable images and text elements that correspond to particular data characteristics. Customization is key to catching the attention of a potential client as well as helping to maintain a current one.

Success is the only constant

When executed correctly, VPD can accomplish three end goals. It can provide higher customer response-rates, reduced costs, and faster turnaround. With the ability to fine-tune campaigns even when in progress, marketers can create one-to-one marketing communication and dialogue with prospects and customers, achieving all three end objectives. This explains why ocdm consistently makes marketers look good to their end clients—all while simplifying the whole process.

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Just choose ocdm to print your next project, and then relax. From that moment on, you can count on us to smoothly manage the entire process—from the time your files are picked up until your end product is delivered. We simplify the process so you can cross printing off of your list of things to do. When partnering with ocdm, we know what we are doing so you can relax, it’s handled.
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