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Onsite Machinery, Equipment & Tech

We’re Fully Equipped

48,000 square feet in Tustin, California. Ready when you are.

Laser Equipment:

One Xerox Color 1000i Digital Press

Three Xerox Nuvera 288 Digital Black/White Press

One Xerox Nuvera 144 Digital Black/White Press

Sheet Fed Offset:

One Komori 28” 6 Color Press with Coater

One Ryobi 3304 4 Color Press

One Ryobi 3302 2 Color Press

One Cold Press Didde Webcom 700, 6 Color

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Finishing and Mailing Equipment:

Seven Bell & Howell 6 Station inserters with Meters

Two Bell & Howell 6 Station 9x12 Jumbor Inserter with End Feeder

Four Inserters are Equipped with MCS Match Systems and Inject

Three Lake Image Match Systems

One Pitney Stand Alone Meter Base for Offline Work

One Moore 4100 Pressure Sealer - For Snap Pack

MBO ASP66-2ME Pressure Sealer - For Snap Pack

One Rollem TR Perfing/ Scoring

Horizon Collator VAC100 with SPF20 Folder/Saddle-Stitcher/Face-Trimmer

One Polar ED-92, 36-inch Cutter

One Wohlenberg 115 40-inch Cutter

Two 5120 Scitex Single Head Inkjet with Dryer

Three 5240 Scitex Double Head Inkjet with Dryer

Three Open Bases for Duplex Inkjet with Folder and Fugitive Glue (max. Length of Mail Piece-22”)

One Kirk Rudy Inkjet with 4” Print Area and Spot Color

One PB Flowmaster 6 Station Inserter

Four Kirk Rudy Inline Tabbing Machines/ Live Stamp Affixers

Two MBO 23 x 50 Continuous Feed Folders with Right Angles

Three Fugitive Hot Glue Application on Folders

One Polar 115X 45-inch Cutter

Technau Bursting-Cutting System

One Polat RA-4 Paper Jogger

One Plasticsert100 Polywrapper


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REQUEST A QUOTE – Every campaign is unique.