Mail & Online Marketing

Mail & Online Marketing

OCDM offers the most advanced and effective integration of direct mail, online, and social marketing programs available. We achieve the best marketing results by combining these mediums because we understand the full potential of each one. Another key to success is having the tools, technologies, and expertise needed to create, control, and execute campaigns.

Locate. Reach. Attract. Retain.

We apply a unique customer-development model to every direct marketing campaign. This four-phase process consistently increases response rates by creating a more integrated and personal customer experience with richer content delivery. At the same time, this process is more cost effective, since it lowers printing and postage costs, increases program marketing-life, and improves results tracking. The four process phases are:

1. Locate—We mine available data to identify common factors shared by your existing customers in order to identify new prospects like them.

2. Reach—We use multi-channel marketing to attract customers through direct mail, the Internet, and search engine optimization (SEO). Ultimately, prospects are drawn to a feature-rich, personalized landing page that delivers precisely the information they’re seeking.

3. Attract—We attract additional prospects by using integrated marketing rather than “disruption” tactics. This approach includes the Internet, personalized and interactive email marketing, blogs, and social networking.

4. Retain—Retention rates are increased through effective, triggered marketing. It relies upon direct mail, the Internet, and SMS text messaging, the most widely used data application on the planet, with 2.4 billion active users.

Leveraging data through variable data printing

Successful direct marketing implementation takes a two-part approach to database management. First, it hinges on developing customized, high-quality lists, and second, on collecting information during the campaign to adjust the strategy, building upon ongoing research. These capabilities ultimately enable more creative and leveraged uses of data. For instance, OCDM can fine-tune and optimize direct mail programs with our variety of variable data printers. Each system offers advanced data manipulation capabilities, including variable images, text, and data. The bottom line is marketers now can precisely target specific customers with a specific message.

URLs are getting personal

OCDM has led the way in utilizing personalized URLs in direct marketing. These let marketers combine personalized direct mail with a personal web page. As a result, marketing communication becomes more interactive and two-way, improving customer involvement. Companies also gain the power to increase customer loyalty and retention by:

  • Incorporating audio, video, and personal interaction.
  • Knowing instantly who’s shown interest in a direct mail piece, permitting real-time lead generation and distribution.
  • Verifying and collecting new information about customers.
  • Improving tracking methods and automating follow-up.
  • Immediately sending a customized email to respondents.
  • Precisely segmenting marketing campaigns.
Full-spectrum new media marketing

OCDM’s in-house web design services team helps marketers to create well-designed, optimized, and campaign-specific web landing pages. These in turn become robust lead-generation vehicles. We also provide full-service e-marketing capabilities that include developing and generating e-mail campaigns, e-newsletters, and online press releases as well as using blogs, posts, forums, podcasts, and targeted social networking channels.

From strategic planning to creative execution

OCDM is well known for providing in-depth consultation that helps customers focus their strategies. We also show each client how to navigate the logistics and regulations involved in effective campaign execution. This can literally save customers thousands of dollars a day on unnecessary costs.

In addition, OCDM graphic and digital design artists bring marketing objectives to life using the latest digital design technologies. And our staff of seasoned copywriters crafts compelling messages that motivate readers to respond and remember.

The precision direct marketing era has arrived

OCDM has the tools, technologies, and expertise to help marketers realize improved response rates and better returns on their direct marketing investments. The days of “shotgun” direct marketing are gone, since it’s now possible to reach specific prospects with a fully customized message. Using our extensive database library of lists, leads, mailing addresses, and phone numbers, we can append customer lists using a wide range of targeted criteria including:

  • Ailments
  • Pets owned
  • Credit data
  • High-mileage cars
  • Debt
  • International data
  • Many others