Database Services

Database Services

OCDM database programming and management services are among the most advanced in the direct marketing industry. They have proven time and again to be crucial in helping marketers produce more effective, targeted campaigns.

We dive deeper into the data

OCDM examines each customer’s campaign in depth to clearly establish objectives and measures of success. Using reverse data analysis to append data, we can produce more advanced, relevant, and segmented lists. Our data management engines also can measure the specific variables that are performing best during a campaign. That way, the course can be continuously corrected while the campaign is in progress.

The data management specialists

We offer a wide array of data management and analysis capabilities including:

  1. Extensive data manipulation and reporting.
  2. Database appending using up to 15 different appends from major database services.
  3. Sophisticated, multivariable if/then analysis.
  4. Merge/purge duplicate deletion.
  5. USPS National Change of Address (NCOA) and Delivery Sequence File (DSF).
  6. CASS and mainstream sort.
  7. Efficient data entry to transform manual data into viable electronic formats.
More advanced lists, more precise segmentation

It always pays to contact OCDM before planning a database-marketing program. We have the expertise and tools to develop advanced lists that inevitably boost results. Better yet, these results can be monitored along multiple dimensions, yielding higher response rates, better campaign metrics, and improved decision-making. Customers also can expect reduced costs and waste. After all, there’s less printing, mailing, and postage due to more precise customer selection.